Research & Writing

My research is focused on rivers and water in the US.  I am trained as a hydraulic engineer and hydrologist, but my work spans from basic field and lab science to policy and economics.  Most of my current basic science work is done through my very capable team of graduate students and post-docs, and through collaborations at the Duke River Center (link). My current scientific focus is on using novel approaches to studying rivers, particularly Lagrangian (flowpath) based approaches, being pioneered by Scott Ensign (link) and John Gardner (current PhD student at Duke).  I am also working on water infrastructure finance (municipal and federal), and through my work with the Nicholas Institute, the creation of an Internet of Water (link).

I typically publish my research in technical/scientific peer-reviewed journal outlets, a (mostly) full list of which is available through my google scholar page (link), or through my Duke page (link).

What I consider to be my key academic/scholarly contributions are:

Doyle et al. (2015). Morphology of streams restored for market and non-market purposes: Insights from a mixed natural-social science approach. Water Resources Research 51(7); 5603-5622.

Doyle and VonWindheim (2015). Environmental management strategy: Four forces analysis. Environmental Management 55: 6-18.

Doyle et al. (2014). The optimal scale of markets for water quality trading. Water Resources Research 50(9): 7231-7244.

Doyle (2012). America’s rivers and the American experiment. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 1-18: doi: 10.1111/j.1752-1688.2012.00652.x.

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Doyle et al. (2003), Channel adjustments following two dam removals in Wisconsin.  Water Resources Research.  39(1), 1011, doi: 10.1029/2002WR001714.


photos by David Herasimtschuk, Freshwaters illustrated